Worship News

The Worship Choir is off for the summer, but will be starting back up in the fall! If you are interested in being part of our worship ministry through Offertory, Worship Choir, or Worship Team, please speak with Pastor Jake about getting plugged in!

Handbell Choir - Handbells will be starting back up in September. If anyone is interested in joining contact Rick Showers. 

worship ministries

"Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands, serve the Lord with gladness: 

come before His presence with singing" (Psalm 100).

At SAC the focus of worship is on worshipping God with all of heart, mind, soul, and strength as we actively pursue His manifest presence to come. Jesus declared in Luke 11 that we are to persistently seek what we desire, and our desire at Somerset Alliance Church is to see God manifest his presence among us as we worship him in Spirit and in truth! 

  • Worship Team

    The worship team serves to lead the congregation in worship in our Sunday morning services. The worship team at SAC is ALWAYS open for growth and to seeing new worshippers become a part. If you are attending our church and either play a musical instrument or sing, please consider taking part in an audition! There will be auditions every fall and spring season. For more details about auditions, please contact Pastor Jake who will be pleased to fill you in! (email: jfurman@somersetalliance.org or call: 814-445-8949 x3360)

  • Worship Choir

    The worship choir at SAC is made up of worshippers who wish to use their voice to praise God and to lead the congregation in expressive worship! If you are someone who attends this church and loves to worship, but aren't a part of the worship team, then THIS may be just for you! You do NOT need to have an excellent singing voice to be a part of this worship choir, we are simply seeking humble and expressive worshippers! If you are interested in joining please contact Pastor Jake who would love to give you all the details involving the worship choir and get you plugged in! (info above) 

  • "Uninhibited" Nights of Worship

    "Uninhibited" is the name of our monthly night of worship service. The idea behind the name "uninhibited" is that these services are created to give people an opportunity to come and worship in an atmosphere where they can worship without limits. Free from time constraints, we focus our worship solely around God's presence and "soaking" in His goodness. The leaders of this service seek to follow the Spirit's lead through a mix of songs, prayer, and times of personal worship. Our "Uninhibited" service falls on one Sunday per month. For details about these services and their dates, please check the church calendar or contact Pastor Jake (info above). 

  • Handbell Choir

    The Handbells are a small group that practices every Tuesday Evening from 6:00 to 7:00 pm. They minister in the Worship Services as needed, visit local nursing homes and community services as available. Commitment runs from September to May.