Online Giving

Update on Giving Aug/Sept

There are several new developments in our online giving provider that need your attention. Previously we had asked all to go to and turn off your recurring giving. We apologize for the confusion and complexity of the new system, which is what we were hoping at the time would be completely eliminated. 

For the sake of simplicity for both the end user (You!) and our office staff, we are going to continue using Planning Center Giving (the one we all love!) for the foreseeable future. 

So, if you would please reinstate your recurring gifts and continue using the system that was in place. Subsplash is operational, but the Give Here link will now link back to the previous giving option. 

Please cancel your recurring gifts with Subsplash by going into your Subsplash profile here:

GIVE HERE (Takes you to your Planning Center Giving Profile.

If you had donated via the Subsplash giving option, your gifts will be able to be viewed in your Planning Center Giving Profile. 

Sorry for the confusion!

If you have any questions please contact the church office.


When you schedule a recurring gift, you decide in advance to be faithful in your financial support of SAC. Online giving is a tool to help make your intention a reality.


Scheduling a recurring gift simplifies the act of giving. You do not need to remember to write a check or get cash out of the bank. You will not need to track whether or not you gave or how much you gave this month. Online giving uses technology to make giving easier.


With online giving, the consistent financial support that SAC ministries rely on are less impacted by attendance dips that occur with summer vacations and winter storms. When you give online, you help SAC fund ministry steadily throughout the year.


Giving with an online account allows you to access your giving history. You can see what you gave and when you gave, anytime you want. You can easily print off monthly and yearly reports for IRS tax reporting purposes.