At Somerset Alliance Church, our desire is to help people to worship, to connect, to grow, and to share. Only then can we fulfill Jesus' command to go into all the world and make disciples.


We want to engage individuals in Worship that points and draws them into a real encounter with Jesus. Our Worship is a heartfelt expression of who God is and what he has done for each of us. Worship does not revolve around us, but rather it is focused on God. Everything that we do at SAC should lead us into real encounters with Jesus. We want to worship God with all that we are. We desire that everyone who worships with us at SAC is pointed and drawn into a deeper, more intimate, encounter and relationship with Jesus.


We want to connect individuals with God and with others. We believe that everything we do at SAC should lead us to a deeper, more authentic love for God and the people around us. We also understand that people from all walks of life need to discover this love, and that love motivates us to engage in relationships where people can be authentic about their spiritual journey, whether they are an atheist or a committed believer. Our LifeGroups provide a safe, loving environment where people can connect, feel welcomed, and wanted.


We want to grow believers individually and corporately. As people are exposed to the Word of God, they will grow in wisdom. We want to be sensitive to the fact that some people are exploring Christianity; others are growing in Christ, close to Christ, or are Christ-centered. At each of these maturity levels, we want to offer opportunities that will help members to engage with the Bible where they are at, but also help them to move to the next level.


We want to encourage believers to share Christ locally and globally. We recognize that serving others is Christ's command. We want to provide individuals with opportunities to serve one another, serve together at SAC, serve in their communities, and have the opportunity to serve globally. The Good News of what Jesus has done for us is meant to be shared with everyone!